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My My My, I must say for this being your first run. I really enjoyed the content that I read last night. The commentary kept it lively so thats my favorite part.I look forward to your later work this has great promise. Good Luck with your progress I can't wait for your next release!

Oh shit, someone commented to me.

I mean... Aww, thanks, dude! Also, thanky vewy much for playing ma VN! (/>3<)/✨

And for sure you don't wanna miss the next build cuz (spoiler alert!):

It's gonna be a three-chapter update and it's gonna be one hell of a rollercoaster ride! (>ÒwÓ)>🔥🔥

Aight, time to go back to work...

Ohhh new Update

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Welp, too bad it's just a minor update. Sorry for giving you fake hope. (T~T)


Im waiting for the new Update I hope Soon


Heh, I'm finally done with ma final tests! And sem break is also here! You know what that means?~ (~>w>)~


When is the next Update Im Just Asking its Been 71 Days Since you Updated It 

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Oof, I'm very sorry for the late reply, Mr. Jeunkim. But as you know, we're currently doing a bit of change with the previous builds such as the grammatical errors and the changes of character sprites, especially for Bal, our main character. And for sure, changing all 79 sprites of him alone is not quite an easy task. ('ÚwÙ)

Regarding the story editing, it entirely depends on Mr. Editor whether he can finish his drafts early or not. But of course, we're trying our best to be as punctual as we can by following the set schedule we have in our hands and getting them done to satisfy our precious squad members here. (>wO)/

Additional notes:

- We'll be distributing the edited build first before the new one.

- For the "new build", there will be three chapters for y'all to enjoy which means there is a lot of stuff going on in there. Which also means it will take us longer to finish it.

I hope you understand, Mr. Jeunkim. Again, I'm VERY sorry for the delay. (>T~T)>..*bow*...

really That Good But yeah Im Excited for The New Update Im Just waiting for  more Sex Scenes 😅


Pfft! Understandable! XD


Just start playing these, kinda like it.

keep update my friend. 

anyway thanks for making this game :)

You are welcome, Mr Neomark, or should I say, thank you for playing ma game! (>QwQ)>💖💖

About the new update, I'm afraid that I won't able to make a new one soon enough cuz as you already know, I'm on my hiatus a.k.a. vacation so yeah. Sowwe for that (TwT)

But do not fret, Mr Neomark! Cuz right after I'm done with the hiatus, I'll make sure to make my next update more exciting and twice as interesting as the previous ones. I always do! So be ready and cya in the next adventure! (^w^)/✨


ah i see, thanks for information.

game can wait, no rush mate

Before it happend, enjoy your free time,😄👍

gay gay homosexual gay


Do you like it tho? (>w>)


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Gay gay homosexual gay, 

Thanks for the comment,

And I hope you have a good day. XD👌🏻

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Probably one of the best VN in my opinion\(≧▽≦)/

Oh right!, Are you perhaps(the dev) an Indonesian or Malaysian? (ㆁωㆁ)/✨✨

Daww, you're so sweet! Terima kasih! (/>w<)/ <3

Hmm, awak rasa saya ni dari mana? (ÚwÚ)


I only have one thing to say.

That's pretty.......sus


*insert amongus theme song*

Bal: "You're sus."

Hello, what is the new route? i can't access it, greetings¡

Woah what's up with that font? ('OwO)

Anyways, greetings, Mr Ignacio! (>wO)/

So as a starter, may I ask you, what do you mean you can't access it? Was it a coding error? Which version did you just download? Window? Linux? Mac? Or Android? (>O3O)>


Well, I don't know if you consider the options (to drink the ale or do not drink the ale as a route), if so, that would be options to continue with the story, I thought it was to choose another route, such as choosing another character (Noah).

I think Noah is a bit too young lol. And I was hoping for some anthro love interest

Ouh, I think I kinda understand what's the problem here. (UwU) 

I suppose there's no problem, after all, Mr Ignacio. The options I've created in the new update were mainly to differ the route whether you want to see Jonathan and Bal having seggs or nah. Cuz some of the readers want to see them both having an intimate relationship together right away even though they've just met for a day, while others also wanna see them having an intimate relationship but slowly and naturally (To start loving without seggs). 

I thought that was obvious, but I guess not. ('ÚwÙ) Sorry for the confusion, Mr Ignacio. ('ÓwÓ)

Hey i'm new to this VN and i have to say it looks awesome! you did really good on this I do a News Time on Discord so I'll be sure to say good things about this VN can't wait for chapter 9! Link out! ;)

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Aww~ Terima kasih! \(>w<)/ Glad to know that you had a good time with ma game, Mr Link! (>wO)✨

Also, News Time? Idk what's that but it sounds super important. ('ÓwÒ) If you don't mind, could you send me the invitation link? (^w^)

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sure Here you go, quick heads up there are not a lot of people talking much there but I'm here if you ever want to chat! here's the link

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Great! Thanky! (>wO)/

And talk about Discord, have you joined my channel yet? If you have anything in mind about the game, come and join me at the Headquarters! \(>w<)/

Lots of other VN authors there too (^3^)

yeah, i have it's where i get my Update!

Lol that actually makes sense XD

Wasn't much because of the option I did choose, but it still natural and true to the characters, not sure I can understand how he can be THAT much intolerant, but no wonder he keeps having issues ^^;

Things do get frustrating and sometimes we need time away, and sometimes enough blows compound into a fracture, which can really cause a mess with our perspective on things.

How does one easily right a reoccurring wrong, when relations and trust plummet so low?  I do wonder... it certainly part of his past as much as me stating my issues with issues.  With time things will be revealed.

Also I want bed too! X3

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Wait you've done reading it? That's fast! XD 

And if I guessed it right, it seems that you've chosen the first one, is it? (>w>)

Also, it's quite a rare sight for you to be philosophical like this. (U3U)👌🏻

When I swing, I swing hard, really fucking hard..., it what happens when I find someone who has forsaken what they stand for, small hypocrisies are fairly normal, but when it stands to be as clear as day, I may have to result to scorched earth...  oddly enough there is several anime characters who do similar for good or bad, going beyond rational to fight irrationality, toxins and poisons seep both ways once spilt..  after all sadly the only way to eliminate a parasitic fungal infection is to burn it all down to the ground, if that doesn't work out well enough or is even tried, that is where countless suicides can happen, but that is only if one gives up too easily, and doesn't seek out help.  There are so many sad realities we are all blind to because we have not seen or dealt with it, but it works both ways, one cannot assume others will understand what they have or will be going through at first.

As the moon rises so does my philosophy..., been that way since 8, nearly 21 years now.

Its sad when enough instances of similar abuses lead to collateral damage because others are unaware, it is not fair to them, but neither is fair to the one who abused, thus by one not asking the right people the right questions often enough, major discords can happen over time from lack of communication, for things still can happen when one isn't looking, and 3 seconds is all it takes for something avoidable to happen... every 3 seconds...

Its harsh but it would also be irresponsible to drag others into unneeded drama, even if I was the target, but by the time things are realized even kind words mean nothing when actions have already been taken.  Even in anger its important to be rational, it should only be directed at the ones who have made you feel that way and no one else, otherwise you are just exchanging one senseless tragedy for another, and the cycle can domino effect.  There is many historic events, books, and movies on these sort of events, over 9,000 can occur in as little as a month, but only maybe up to 100 ever have any true or lasting impact, causing thoughts and perceptions to be skewed and twisted, to the point where even rationality is thrown out the window because the issues were not addressed soon enough before they boiled over.  none are immune to psychological traumas...

Such is the Creed to fight against those who want to impose their way of thinking onto others, rather then trying to help each other understand WHY they think about things in the way they do... Learning is never over, knowledge is never complete.

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What the fuc- WHO ARE YOU?! WHERE'S MR SARUN?! (ÓAÒ) 

Aku tak faham apa yang hang cakap! I'm not majoring in English! (>Q~Q)>

But sure they sound deep tho (UwU)👌🏻✨

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Alright now this is my next one on my list to read. For you Agentwolf07 Redacted. Anyway, I have recently read one gore VN. A Hellish Journey. It did get me almost to trow up, just by reading the descriptions of the scene.

I know there is a warning on this, so… It will be my fault. (I hope I don’t get the feeling of trowing up again… Not even Doom does that to me.) Aside from that, I was giving it some time to read, I hope it is as good as I read in the comments. I will review it later since I feel like this VN is going to be a wild ride… sigh (I need to prepare in case I do trow up)


First of all, no. I do know about A Hellish Journey VN and I don't think my kind of gore is more unnerving or disgusting than the said game... Or even Doom itself. ('ÚwÙ)

Besides, what you read in the comment about ma game here is solely based on their opinion. So when it comes to whether ma game is good or bad, it's all up to you. (^w^)

And yes, it is gonna be a wild ride... Especially this new build I'm about to post here if you know what I mean. (ÙwÚ)

Lastly, if you ever did throw up cuz of ma game... I wish you my condolences XDXD

Also, don't expose me with the codename (>w>)

My apologies of the code name. And yes, about almost trowing up it happened around 20 times while reading… The description of each scene was a bit too much. Now for the little time I have been playing this new VN, it is an interesting situation, also a bit of comedy here and there, I wasn’t expecting it too soon though… But I will come later with my full opinion once I finish.

Aight, can't wait for your full review soon. Don't forget to download the new build too! (>wO)/✨

There's one REALLY gorey scene. But pretty much only that one. Hint: monster + woman


I just found  your vn and it is amazing I can't wait for more


I'm glad that you enjoyed my game, Mr mp5050. The new update is coming on its way soon enough that you wouldn't see it coming so be prepared! (>w<)7🔥🔥


the gore was way to much the wolf mans dick is way 2 big also is ther discord i like the cool bit ware they cut up the monsters but the gore with human 2 much 


Ehhh, me is sowwe for the gore. (TwT) But I did warn about the gore, didn't I? It's all cuz I don't know how to express the gore through words. That's why I chose to be graphical instead of just reading it. (QwQ) Me is sowwe again if you didn't have a good experience with the game. (TwT)

Bal's D size was purposely designed to be like that (intentionally be thicc (>w>))

Yes, I do have a Discord and already added it to the description above. (>wO)/

Do we have an estimate on the next update?


Ah yes! I suppose the next build will be ready approximately in the last week of this month. I'm so sorry for being late than usual cuz this build will be the longest build I've ever done yet! \(>w<)/ And do you wanna know why? (>w>)


I would prefer a surprise, as this game is full of them!

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Wise choice, mortal! Muahaha! \(ÒwÓ)/

(Thx for the compliment btw (>^3^)>)

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(I'm probably going to add onto this comment as I play through.)

Just opened the game; love the title screen. Just one little problem: the black text in the Options menu is extremely hard to see unless you hover over it and illuminate it.

Also, don't take this the wrong way, but would you be looking for a text editor, by any chance? I would love to help spruce up the grammar, if you're interested.

Five minutes in, just got to the flashback - I'm absolutely loving this. I have a creative imagination and it's running wild right now.

Huh. First time I've seen my name in a visual novel.

Gotta say, Bal took his time before he started fighting the horde. He probably could have prevented a lot more deaths if he'd acted instead of talking.

Not a fan of the face of the dead woman. The stomach and baby were mediocre, but the face was a bit much.

Oh, wow, you're really just gonna throw a nude changing scene in there. Ok, works for me, I guess. But he THICC, for real.

(1 edit)

Reply to the first paragraph; YES! Someone has finally pointed that out! You see, I'm very well aware of every flaw my game has in it. And those text colour is one of them. I'm not great at designing so if you don't mind, could you please tell me which colour is good for the texts and another colour for when you hover the cursor on the text while complementing the blue colours on the bg? (QwQ)

Reply to the second paragraph; Nah it's fine. I understand what you mean. Like I said in the previous comment, I'm a self learner in English so ig that's why my English is a bit wacky. But I'm currently still living in my parent's house and still studying in college. Plus my parents don't let me have a job cuz of the Covid. Therefore, I don't have any money to hire anyone to edit my game regarding the texts. Moreover, I just consider creating my VN only as a hobby so it'll be a lot of investment for me to spend money on them when I just think of it as a hobby. And I don't really expect you to offer me your editing skills for free now, do you? ('>TwT)>

Reply to the third paragraph; Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed my story! \(>w<)/ Everyone loves a flashback in VNs when there's always a little element of suspense and mystery engraved at the end of it. (>w>)

Reply to the fourth paragraph; I already got an idea of what your name is XDXD

Reply to the fifth paragraph; Erk! That's probably my fault ('ÚwÙ)

Reply to the sixth paragraph; I'm more of a graphic person. "If you can't tell them, then you need to show them instead! (ÒwÓ)"

Reply to the seventh paragraph; Do you know how many times I'd fantasize about the mc(my only oc and fursona) after I started my novel long ago? Now is the perfect chance to do it! (ÙvÚ) and I love my man being thicc as well lmao

(7 edits)

As far as coloring goes, I might suggest you continue with the idea of black outlined in neon blue. However, when an option is selected, it should just be red and shouldn't have the neon blue anymore. The same could be said for the existing neon words - if you select it, it should lose it's neon color. Because if I choose the Options tab, I can't immediately tell that it's been turned red.

In response to lending my editing skills, doing it for free is exactly what I was thinking. I write stories in my spare time in Google Docs anyways, and I would love to make grammatical edits to such a good VN for free.

However, I wouldn't want to look through raw code to find the text. If it was in a separate document, then I'd be ok with it. But separating text from code is kind of half of the work anyways, so I can understand if that's not something you're willing to put effort into.

And my name? I'm always surprised when a movie/tv show character has it because it's a biblical name, so most people don't care for it in media. But I'm even more surprised to find it in a VN. Especially a gay furry VN.

(1 edit)

Bruh that's how I did it in ma first build. Exactly like how you imagine it and left it in the first two builds XDXD... But then when I looked at it I thought it was too messy and changed to how it is now. But if you think those colours are better then it shall be done. (>wO)/

Really?... Like REALLY?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! Dude that'll be great! Thank you so much for your help bradah! (>QvQ)> As for the text, don't worry cuz I already have them ready separated in another file! (O3O)👌🏻

About your name; I FUKKEN KNEW IT! XDXD

(4 edits)

Maybe tone down the line width by about 25%, if you can? Because I see what you mean by "too cluttered." Somewhat thinner lines should at least help, if not solve the problem. But since it's only the Options page, the categories of the Help page, the numbers on the save/load page, and the Yes/No selection when you load a save, it shouldn't be too bad.

At the very least, adding it to the Yes/No selection should happen. You cannot see anything on that window.

The color is not necessarily the best option, but it's better than its current state.

And yes, I would love to get started whenever you have the chance to send it to me. You can email me at (Now you know my full name, lol) and I'll take it from there. Make sure the Subject line of the email is something outrageous because I have a lot of college recruiters emailing me and I might see your email, think it's from a recruiter, and ignore it until Saturday. But if the Subject line is something like "I know where you live," or "Brought to you by Horny Furries International," then I'll know it's from you.

Alternatively, I'm NotSoSecretGay#1807 on Discord.

Yo! Very sorry for the late reply! Been busy editing the game, here and there, this and that, you know what I mean? ('ÚwÙ)

About the colours, yes I've done it and honestly....they looked better than the last time I remembered (ÓwÓ) So it means the colour text problem is solved! (>wO)/

About those files, I'll send them to you later cuz the ones I have rn are all created for a normal novel, so I need a little more time to edit them hence it'll be more fun to read as a VN. Are you okay, with that? Or do you just want me to give you as to how it is? (OwO)

FYI, about a few hours ago I made an official channel of my own on Discord related to ODYSSEY and after I've taken some rest for the whole day, I'll update a DevLog attached with an invitation link to the said channel later. So be ready dude! (/>3<)/

Hi how are u ? I have a question about balthazar, will he also have a love interest for Noah or just his father? Grettings.

Decent! Thank you for asking! (>wO)/

Hmmm~ I wonder~ In your opinion, what do you think? (>v>)

Also, greetings 2u2! (U3U) <3

Deleted 210 days ago

Yo! Sorry that I just deleted your post below... Misclicked it ('UwU)

Anyway, let's just wait for the next build to come, aight? XD

SO STAY TUNE!.... I guess?

As of the current build, are there sex scenes?

Nope, that will be in the next build. (ÓwÓ)

PS:I'm so excited for the next build wish you a great after exam holiday 


 i went through the new scenes and sprites of the game,it is a 100/100 for me, its truly amazing and that new classy look for balthazar is just jaw dropping

I'm very glad that you liked them! (>w<)/✨✨

*running back and forth through the kitchen in happiness*


NEVER thought i will one day find a VN this beautiful in my life

(2 edits) (+1)(-2)

*sips a coffee*


Ps: Thank you for the support! I hope you'll enjoy the upcoming build! (>wO)/✨

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I'm liking Bal and his tech but I'm not sure how I feel about a beastman stuck in a human world (the furry part of furry VN is really minimalized there). I also hate how the humans are treating Bal even though it's pretty realistic. Other than that there are some grammar errors that I was too lazy to list out


1. All furries goes to the bad guys.

2. Bal has a human child friend(Noah) now so at least he's not lonely. (ÓwÓ)

3. About how the hoomans treated Bal, there will be a certain scene that will settle the score between him and the hoomans later.

4. And yes, my old nemesis "Grammar"!

Having trouble understanding what you mean by 1.

(1 edit)

Exactly like how I said it; all the villains in the story will be furries (O3O)/

Don't worry. It'll all make sense soon (ÓwÓ)


Cant wait for more! No rush tho

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Aight, more coffee it is then! (*w*)/🔥🔥


Honestly a hidden banger. A certified legend.

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Glad that you've found your interest! (>w>)/

(Who the fuk you're talking about?!)

you, obv


Ahh, thanks dude! (>3O)/

*blushing to its finest*

I liked the spells! Looked pretty cool.

Also can't believe you included his butthole profile picture in the credits lol (think it was saruz?) xD

Its not, I don't blame you for not being able to see the full picture, but a face can't rotate 180 degrees, and fact that its a top down perspective with me lying down on my back, after eating ALOT, when I was already big.  This should make more sense when you know I enjoy and support "Soft Fantasies".  You have no idea that a navel is just another hole when one is big enough.  The fact that its so small as an icon makes it understandable the misinterpretation, as you can't see all these fine details.

Oh wow, okay o_o

Feel free to check out my FA, not a lot, BUTT *facepaws* it is all tame!

I have been enlightened.

Unfortunatelly I still can't unsee it xD

Just saw this one after reading the new DevLog's comments and little did I know, my life was a lie XDXD


Throughout my read, I noticed a lot of "I"s(as in the pronoun) were put into use, such as:

"I came here in peace and I mean no harm to you."

In my opinion, the pronouns used in some sentences are kind of, rigid? And many of them could be simplified:

"I came here in peace, and mean no harm to you." 


"I slowly open my eyes into consciousness and soon, I just realised that I was..."


"I slowly open my eyes into consciousness, and soon realised that I was..."

Love the VN otherwise. Have a good holiday!

PS: Those arms of the MC are kinda thicc for a "tech geek" :)

(3 edits) (+1)

Oh shet, how can I not think about that before?! Thank you so much for the review! (QwQ)/✨✨

Also, I kinda have the hots for muscular arms so ig that's why. (o^o)... Unfortunately, will deflate the size soon when I have time cuz I think it does look kinda big at some point. (Perhaps I went too ahead of myself when I was drawing the arms? ('ÚwÙ))

Btw, happy holiday to you too! (O3<)/

(1 edit) (+1)

i think i should point out first then,the characteristic of the MC is kind of well cheesy,a bit childish,cheery,playful and kinda cute?

next the demon look not that bad,yes it seem unatural but not bad but kind of look like an Experiment subject of some crazy guy

next the character is fine and all as the art style is already Unique but i kinda think that when the Vein is showing it does look great but also kinda look like mad? is that the word?

next the music sound and sound effect are great but if i didn't lower it a bit it kinda loud but that is fine

the writing style is cute with the emote and a bit of teasing yourself and the character which light up the overall mood

the story progression is okay,a bit weird but that is fine as it just mean more thing to look into 

that is all i can think and put into word from me,don't think much of it and great work so far 

have a nice day and good luck.

Thank you very much Mr Aki for giving out your honest review! \(>w<)/✨ 

Btw, sorry about the sound volume!(QwQ) Ngl I do need some proofreading before I posted it in here cuz I work alone and there's also no one else I know who has the interest to read them for me in real-time at that time. If you ask me it's always seemed and sounded the same for me no matter how many times I edited the game.(q~q)

That's why I need more of your reviews from you readers as much as possible and fix the game and not repeat the same mistakes in the immediate future. Hope all of you, including you Mr Aki, to give me a similar type of commentary after I'd posted the next build which is due a few days from now.


i will try to give my honest feed back as much as possible then 
and happy Holiday to you too

Must say I expected less based on the writing style of the author but It's not bad! Didn't think i'd find another author that sounds like monchi lol

Now that's a real passive-aggressive commentary right there so thanks... I guess?(ÓwÒ) Anyway, who's Monchi? (>w>)

(1 edit)

The dev of socially awkward. You both speak similar so i was sure you were friends already. Ask him for code help because he's basically a master of renpy at this point

Also sorry didn't want to be mean. Just wasn't sure how exactly to tell people to give the vn a try in spite of.. your public relation skills? I only tried it after seeing nikko give you 5 stars, thinking hey maybe it's good.

(4 edits)

Oohhhh that Monchi! Yeah I know them! A good dev indeed. (UwU)... Also, don't worry you weren't being mean. I was just messing with ya lol! XDXD I know that you were just being honest and I really appreciate that. (>wO)/✨✨... So don't be afraid to give out your opinion about my game, aight?(ÙwÚ)

Btw, Nikko? As in the Nikko of VN Burrows? (ÚwÙ)

Have you not checked who has rated you in the past few days?

(2 edits)

Michelle Jones once said, "Expect the disappointment to not get disappointed"(UwU)

Therefore, no I do not, sir.(OwO)


The wording/phrasing is a bit off.  The sprite has arms too muscular/upper body not muscular enough.  Same may be for legs, but the pants seem looser than the shirt, so may not be needed as they would be able to hide the muscle.  Anatomy just seems a bit disproportionate. I feel like there could be more detail, but you could be only going over details quickly for the intro, so I can't say much there.  Lots of wall breaks, jeez... XD at least you use my kind of humor! ^^  I feel like you named your novel based on that he is trying to get back home, but the journey is dangerous, just like his voyage home was.

(4 edits) (+4)(-1)

Wow, your review is very well observed on the game I'm impressed. (>w>)... First of all, yes I know that the words are not as good and aesthetic as how I wanted them to be but I'm a self-learner in English so I'm sorry if my grammar or vocabulary had somehow missed the point of the lore. Secondly, yes I do notice about the sprite's anatomy is a bit off with the arms as well with the legs but tbh due to the bunches of assignments that are looming inside my head that constantly reminded me to do I was not motivated enough to fix them. In another word, I was procrastinating (with the covid and all :3). And that's why I'm planning on redrawing the sprite once I've got all of my college assignments done approximately at the end of December. So please bear with me, aight? (QwQ)/... Also, by "wall breaks" do you mean the "4th wall"? Cuz if you do then yes, I just like the idea of how my oc interact with someone(including me) in real life. It's kinda exciting if you think about it, you know what I mean? \(^w^)/... Last but not least, your indication about the title is pretty accurate. However, of course, there's more to it than meets the eye behind the title name but if you wanna know more about them, be sure to read more of my vn in the future. (>wÓ)/(Don't forget to give a like and ratings too while you're at it! XDXD)


Will do in due time! *SUPERWAGS*

Deleted 312 days ago

Wait a sec, is that the old one I put up there?

(1 edit) (-1)

I don't know what you're talking about...!?


*laughing mischievously in altering the universe*


Well the story so far has me excited and intrigued both for the events that will unfold the interactions between characters. Great work so far!

I would recommend getting a proofread or two of what you've got so far because the tense is all over the place which made it difficult to read and parse the meaning.

Also here's another pro-tip: You can split the script into multiple files to make it easier to manage. I recommend splitting it into the chapters you already have marked (making sure you label them so you can jump to the next chapter at the end of the previous chapter). I can also recommend separating out all the setup (like defining characters, images, and sounds) into yet another script file which is in an init block (this tells Ren'Py to do all the setup before jumping to the start label).

And finally, there are plenty of platforms where you can ask for help developing a visual novel or using Ren'Py if you want it. The main ones I know about are the Lemma Soft Forums and the official Discord server for Ren'Py. Plenty of great and helpful people on there!


W-wow... I'm literally speechless rn. Thank you for spending your precious time telling me these tips! I'll do my best next time!(QwQ)/✨✨


read the description and im now curious, seems like it should be fun!


*Looking away with doubt*


tried it today, your doubt was misplaced as it was fun and i cant wait for you to feel better and to update this again. thanks for creating this!

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

I'll take this moment lovingly to my grave (QvQ)💖💖


Why do I have a feeling that you love anime?... Why am I asking this, of course you doooo! (>ÒwÓ)>




wow very coincidental we both ended up finding this with our names.


Lol look at how much my pack has grown (QwQ)/✨


*gasps in dragon* O.o


Just as a heads-up, with ren’py you can make it so the pc version can run on linux as well (otherwise you need the ren’py sdk to run it)


I knew that I should've gone for Linux too. Thx for the reminder. (UwU)/


Android build?

Deleted 326 days ago

DONE! (>3O)/


the description convince me to play this game xd and sorry for my bad english

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Sokay, I'm just happy that you're here (QwQ)/


I confess, that self referred game description was nice. Definitely gonna play it, when I got the time that is


Aight, dude. Take your time. (>wO)/